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What can I eat after weight loss surgery? 


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“This program was simple and straightforward, well organized, thoughtful and provided great handouts”  

- Amber M


Eat with Confidence After Weight Loss Surgery 

with Bariatric Dietitian Kristin Willard


Everything you wish you received from your

bariatric surgery center to help you keep the weight off.

You knew it was going to be hard after weight loss surgery but not this hard. 



You’re not sure if you’re eating the right foods 

(Can I eat this toast yet?)

You’ve scrolled through Pinterest trying to find answers 

(How do I know if I can trust this?)

You feel overwhelmed about what to eat after weight loss surgery 

(There’s so much to think about!)

You see others losing weight faster and you want to know if you’re on the right track 

(Why is my weight loss so slow?)


You wish you had more support from a bariatric dietitian 

(I thought I knew what I was doing but now I feel lost)


So what can you do? 

You could:


Search Google for all the right answers hoping to come across the right one


Start following what that girl ate on Instagram because it seemed to work for her


Revisit the food guide given to you from your surgery center to see if you can figure it out for yourself


Or you can make it easier on yourself and reach out to a bariatric dietitian for support. 

A bariatric dietitian can cut through the noise.


They can help you discover a way of eating that helps you keep the weight off in the long term, not just in the first year! Unlike social media influencers dietitians have special training, experience and training to support your weight loss goals after bariatric surgery.


If you want access to a dietitian to support your journey then I would love to introduce you to my program Eat With Confidence After Weight Loss Surgery where you get ongoing access to a bariatric dietitian, community support, over 6 hours of instructional video modules, templates and formulas to help you make informed, confident decisions about your food choices. It answers all the questions you have been asking. 


It’s time you learn how to build meals that taste good, support your health goals and surround yourself with a community that supports you. 

Are you ready to...


Finally understand what you need to be eating after surgery 


Feel confident with your food choices


Know where to go to get your answers


And most importantly...


Start building trust in yourself, eat delicious meals that support your health goals, and build yourself up with the support of a bariatric dietitian as you navigate the road ahead.

I'm Ready!

And that is why I am inviting you to join my program, Eat With Confidence After Bariatric Surgery, your complete bariatric toolbox!


This program is designed to keep things simple and help you learn how to eat after weight loss surgery, whether you are eating at home or going out. 


By the end of this program you will have the tools you need to help keep the weight off, feel confident about your food choices and begin to develop long lasting habits.


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Let's talk about the details of the program.


Upon purchase you’ll have instant access to all the video lessons.  You can go through these at your own pace and ask questions in the community group as needed. 


Each module builds upon the previous one so you don’t become overwhelmed. There is challenge at the end of each module to help keep you on track. 


The best part is that you'll have lifetime access to the info to refer back to when you need it.

Whether you're just starting out or had surgery many years ago it's important to understand the basics of nutrition to help you build your meals. By the end of this week you'll understand how macronutrients work together to optimize your nutrition.

Now that you know what to eat, this week will begin to dive into how to eat. By the end of this week you'll learn how to build your meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Developing a plan each week will take away your stress and help keep you on track. By the end of this week you'll feel confident on how to create a meal plan and how to execute it.

Learning to feel comfortable eating out will build your confidence and is a must for long term success. By the end of this week you'll learn how to order out and handle social gatherings.

Developing a long term plan will help you reclaim your health. By the end of this week you'll identify which long term techniques will be the most helpful for you on your journey.

What truly sets this program apart is the level of support that comes with it. You’ll have access to our community support page (like a Facebook Group but without the Facebook) to ask me questions along the way and meet other committed and motivated individuals.


And to give you even more support you’ll have access to these bonuses:


All my meal plans (that's 10 weeks worth) and bariatric recipes. This includes over 100 bariatric recipes to choose from. Shopping list included for those that like extra support. 


Meet with me twice a month via Zoom for three months, where I answer all of your questions. This gives you plenty of time to go through the material and ask questions as you go. These will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you are unable to make it live.

In this 90 minute recording You’ll learn my 4-step framework to optimize your weight loss and nutrition in those first 60 days after surgery.

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Here is what past students have told me about the program...

Kim S.

I'm just so grateful that you have created this course. I had my surgery in Mexico, and I'm on a facebook page for that surgery group, but you really can't trust any of the nutrition advice the patients throw around. Everyone seems to be all over the map. I just loved all the handouts you provide. It makes it really easy to mix and match to create a well-rounded menu. Also, you're a great instructor. It's sometimes hard to connect with people over zoom but I felt like I was sitting in the same room with you.”

Amber M.

“This program was simple and straightforward, well organized, thoughtful and provided great handouts. Before taking the program I had a good understanding but my confidence was iffy (at best). The handouts and concise video approach was just what I needed to get started. Now I feel empowered and that I have the tools I need to be successful!"

Alex F.

“The Q&A for me was really important and I learned more from everyone else’s questions. All of the info sheets you gave us were GOLD and awesome info . Now  I’m less confused. You find so much info on the internet  but with so much controversy. I was always questioning if I was eating the right thing. Now I know so much more and feel that I have a very solid base. Thank you! You did an AWESOME JOB !!"

Meet Kristin!


Hey there!

I'm Kristin and I've been a Registered Dietitian in the bariatric community for the past five years. Over the course of this time I’ve worked with over a thousand bariatric patients in the office and online. When I worked in the office setting one thing was missing from my appointments with people. 

Real food. 

It’s easy to talk about what to eat after surgery but it is a whole different thing to apply it in the kitchen. My clients lacked visuals and “know how in the kitchen.” This is the reason I created this course. I want to share with you all the tips and tricks in the kitchen and teach you how to eat for the long haul. This involves more than just food...It involves systems and building habits. 

I've taken all the questions I’ve received about food (what can I eat for breakfast? Can I ever eat bread again? Are there frozen food options?) and created this program to help you do more of the things you want to do like being able to shop in any clothing store, sit with your legs crossed, or play with your children. 

I hope you join me in this program. 


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Here's what you get when you enroll today:

  • My deep dive course on Eat With Confidence After Weight Loss Surgery with over 6 hours of video lessons

  • Office hours with me, a bariatric dietitian twice a month for 12 weeks to help you navigate life after surgery

  • Private Community Group to connect with peers and support from Kristin and one other bariatric dietitian

  • Over 10 weeks of meal plans (Pureed, Soft, Regular and Plant Based)

  • Bonus Video: Your Nutrition Quick Start Guide to the First 60 days After Surgery

  • A whole bunch of templates and cheat sheets to make eating after surgery so much easier

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“Kristin goes over specifics about food prep that I'd never considered. I also like the fact that I can go back and review the course at my leisure. I had no guidelines to follow and now I have a better grasp on what foods I need to be eating and the amounts.

This program is for you if:

  • You feel you need to eat small portions forever to meet your goal weight (spoiler-> You don’t)

  • You feel overwhelmed with all the material given to you and you don’t know where to start

  • You are preparing for surgery and want to gain a good grasp on changing habits now

  • You just had surgery and want to start things off right

  • You live far from your surgery center and lack of support and guidance 

  • You are willing to put the time and effort into changing habits

  • You have had weight regain and looking for a refresher

  • You feel lost and want extra support and guidance along the way from a Bariatric Dietitian (that’s me!)


This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a pouch reset or a weight loss program! This is geared for building long lasting habits.

  • You feel you have good grasp on nutrition after surgery and meal planning skills

  • You don't feel committed to learning 


The 30 Day Bariatric Meal Prep Guarantee


I get it. Making an investment in your health can feel scary. Since I know this program will provide you with incredible value and tools to succeed after weight loss surgery, I'm offering you my 30 day money back guarantee.


If you go through all the videos and complete the challenges and don't feel more confident and empowered by my tools, tips and strategies within 30 days of purchasing this program, then I will gladly provide you with a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose Your Payment Option

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Best Option


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3 Monthly Payments


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about this program.


I know it’s a big decision and I appreciate you giving me your time. Whether or not you decide to join me I want to wish you the best success with your journey. 


Best wishes,



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