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2022 Bariatric Symposium

September 9-11th, 2022


An event to inspire, motivate and educate yourself after weight loss surgery without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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"This was just what I needed. I am 18 months out and starting to lose my "why" and I have not had a support group. I've been very shy/shameful about the surgery. This symposium allowed me to see and realize that I am normal, and what I am experiencing is normal. "

- Happy Attendee, 2021

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're preparing for bariatric surgery and want to know as much as possible.

  • You just had bariatric surgery and you want to maximize the use of your new tool.

  • You had surgery years ago and looking for motivation along your journey.

  • You're looking for a community to connect with that understands what you're going through.

  • You want reliable advice from medical professionals familiar with bariatric surgery.


What if I told you that you don't need to do this all on your own?

What's better than the advice from one expert about weight loss surgery?

How about the advice from fifteen?

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fifteen professionals to provide you with the tools you need to navigate your life after weight loss surgery. 

And let's be clear. These are not just any health professionals. Many are top online professionals in the field of bariatrics that came together to put on one of the best events of the year.

They will be discussing so much more than just "what to eat" after surgery. You'll learn how to address emotional eating, tame your inner critic, manage your cravings, create new food traditions with your family, practice self care and more!

Anyone that has or is considering bariatric surgery will find this event valuable. For those of you that don't know me, I am Kristin, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Bariatric Meal Prep and I will be the host for this event.

"This symposium was hands down one of the best trainings I have attended - personal or professional!"

- Happy Attendee from 2021

Is this you?

  • You notice you have self sabotaging thoughts after surgery and not sure how to address them

  • You feel you're tired of your food routine and want to know how to spice it up

  • You enjoy eating out but not sure how that fits into a healthy lifestyle after surgery

  • Your hunger has returned and you're not sure how to handle it

  • You are curious if having a tummy tuck is something you should consider

  • You recognize you're eating for reasons other than hunger and not sure what to do

If any of this sounds familiar you're going to love this event!

By the end of this event you'll be motivated and empowered with the tools you need to continue your progress after weight loss surgery.

2022 Bariatric Symposium Lineup

(Each day starts at 12 pm Eastern/9am Pacific & ends at 5 pm Eastern/2 pm Pacific)


Friday, September 9th

Emotional Eating & Bariatric Surgery 

Presented by Stephanie Wagner, MS, RD/LD

You'll Learn:

  • The two systems that influence eating 
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters related to our emotions
  • Natural ways to feel better without eating

Working With Your Inner Critic

Presented by Jasmine Dunkel, MFT

You'll Learn:

  • Where your inner critic came from

  • Why the inner critic persists

  • How you can begin to work with your inner critic 

Bringing Flavor to Your Food

Presented by Helen Kimmel, MS, RDN

You'll Learn: 

  •  Sauces and spices you can add to your foods  for more flavor
  • How to make a meal with these new flavors
  • Tips and tricks so you don't get bored in the kitchen

How to Shift from Exhausted To Energized For Shift Workers

Presented by Kara Wilson, RDN, LDN, CPT

You'll Learn:

  • Why you're not feeling energized with shift work
  • The SHIFT Method to help you manage your hormone and energy levels
  • Actionable tips you can implement today to help you start getting your energy back

Improve Your Relationship with Food After WLS

Presented by Haley Lemieux, MS, RDN, CPT

You'll Learn:

  •  A 5-step process to begin healing your relationship with food.
  • Tips for navigating hunger
  • How to reframe your thoughts around food

How to Eat While Traveling After Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Jamie Mills, RDN, CDN

You'll Learn:

  • Habits to establish before traveling
  • How to plan for your trip
  • A list of specific foods that are helpful to have on hand while traveling

Saturday September 10th

Live HIIT Workout

With Carla Parson


  • Receive a live HIIT workout designed for any level of fitness

Practicing Self-Care After Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Megan Wolf, MS, RDN, LDN

You'll Learn:

  •  Why self care matters
  • The magic of "micros" to help you feel better
  • How to start developing positive self talk

Self Sabotage: understanding resistance and calling out negative self talk

Presented by Monica Bashaw, MScA, RDN

You'll Learn:

  • Signs of self sabotage and how to address it
  • Sneaky ways resistance can show up and what to do about it.
  • What you can do about negative self talk

Creating New Food Traditions Around Food After Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Julie Vandal, RDN

You'll Learn:

  •  How to create family meal times
  • How to work with friends and family on making these new traditions
  • About your non-negotiable's and how to use them

 Sunday September 11th

How to Prepare For Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Samantha Gollup, MS, RDN

You'll Learn:

  • Strategies to practice before surgery to maximize your success
  • The "magic" of protein and carbs
  • The hunger scale and how to start listening to your body 

What You Need to Know About Tummy Tucks

Presented by Kate Fuss, PA-C MMS CSOWM

You'll Learn:

  • About the different types of contour surgeries available
  • What to expect before and after surgery
  • The cost and insurance options available

8 Drivers of Your Cravings

Presented by Dawn Boxell, RDN 

You'll Learn:

  • Why your cravings have more to do with your biology than willpower
  • Strategies you can begin using today to reduce your cravings
  • Minerals associated with cravings if deficient 

Meal Prepping with the Bariatric Queen

Presented by Kathryn Beirne

You'll Learn:

  • What it's like meal prepping as a bariatric patient
  • Tips to make your meal prepping easier
  • Which containers to use for your different meals

When You Don't See What They See in the Mirror: Body Dysmorphia After Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW

You'll Learn:

  •  Signs you may suffer from body dysmorphia
  • Tips for navigating body dissatisfaction after surgery 
  • Strategies to start becoming more comfortable with your body

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"This is the most information I’ve had at hand in the eleven years since my surgery. I’m looking forward to next year."

- Happy Attendee from 2021

How will an online symposium work?

On September 9-11th the presentations will be aired "live" over Zoom. You'll get the opportunity to make comments throughout the presentation and connect with others who have undergone weight loss surgery.  At the end of each presentation there will be a designated 15 minute question and answer period with the speaker.

You'll get to communicate in real time with these health professionals. 

You'll also have access to a private Facebook Group with like minded individuals to connect and share your experiences with.

Once the symposium is over you'll be given access to watch them anytime you want, as many times as you want, for an entire year.

Pretty awesome, right?

Register today to claim your spot. 

You can check out the time of each presentation here.

Get Your Ticket Now


or two payments of $98.50


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All of the presentations will be recorded and you will have access to watch them at your own leisure for one year. 

Nope. You'll be able to watch the presentations live via Zoom. The Facebook Group provides an extra layer of support for the community but it's not necessary. You will continue to have access to the recordings for an entire year. 

Absolutely! With all the knowledge in this symposium you will be confident and prepared for surgery. 

Absolutely! You will gain motivation and knowledge in this symposium to empower you to take charge of your health. 

The 2022 Bariatric Symposium is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are about to have surgery and want to be as prepared as possible
  2. You recognize you are eating for reasons other than hunger and want extra guidance
  3. You're looking for more flavor in your food because you have become bored with your current routine
  4. You want to start meal prepping but don't know where to start
  5. You're noticing your inner critic has a strong voice and influencing your thoughts and behavior
  6. You want to know how to develop a healthy relationship with food after surgery
  7. You want a thirty minute workout routine that fits your fitness level

If you said yes to three or more of these, you're going to love what's inside the symposium!

Meet the Speakers

Stephanie Wagner, MS, RD/LD

Stephanie Wagner MS, RD/LD is a bariatric dietitian with experience working for seven bariatric surgeons in three bariatric clinics since 2009. Steph is the owner of an online bariatric nutrition resource owned and operated by Steph and her husband Kevin. The membership site offers nearly 600 WLS recipes, meal plans and meal planning tools, educational videos and a supportive online community for their members. Steph's primary aim is to empower patients in their journey after surgery and to help her followers find freedom from weight struggles and food addictions. She loves cooking and loves to show patients that healthy food can be easy, taste great and keep them on track with their goals.

Jasmine Dunckel, MFT

Jasmine Dunckel is a marriage family therapist and is Certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional. She pursued her Bachelor's Degree in child development at California State University, Chico and went on to earn her Master’s Degree at Holy Names University in counseling psychology. Her professional career has always involved helping people navigate systematic and cultural pressures and oppression to better care for themselves. In working with people who have lived with lower incomes and in marginalized positions in society,  she quickly became interested in facilitating the healing of trauma (systemic and personal) and the reintegration of a whole and complete self. She has worked directly with Eating Disorders and related issues for the past four years.

Helen Kimmel, MS, RD, CDN

Helen Kimmel has been a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years. She coached her first Bariatric client 20 years ago. She had VSG surgery ten years ago and has maintained her 120-pound weight loss. Her exciting work has included being the first Nutritionist at a major NYC restaurant (The Rainbow Room) and collaborating as Nutritionist on several James Beard Award winning cookbooks. Helen has appeared on TODAY, Food Network, and CNN. She started a virtual Bariatric Nutrition practice to support and guide the Bariatric community on their WLS Journeys. Helen provides a concierge level one-on-one service for her clients. 

Kara Wilson, RDN, LDN, CPT

Kara is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer that specializes in helping nurses stop workplace weight gain. She believes in balance over perfection! That means reaching your nutrition goals so you can feel confident in your food choices and comfortable in your own skin, without giving up your favorite foods. After working in different clinical environments, she noticed a pattern of her colleagues (nurses specifically) taking amazing care of their patients but giving none of that care to themselves. So she founded Kara Wilson Nutrition in 2019 so she could help nurses fill their cups so they could keep pouring their selflessness, compassion, and kindness into others!

Jamie Mills, RDN, CDN

Jamie is a Registered Bariatric Dietitian and Coach. Jamie helps women after weight loss surgery overcome their doubts and limiting beliefs in order to truly make the mindset shifts that are necessary to change their relationship with food and their body after having weight loss surgery. Jamie had weight loss surgery in 2017 and since then has maintained over a 100 lb loss. She knows what it's like firsthand to struggle to find balance on this journey, which is why it is her mission to be able to provide women with the support and resources they need to be successful long term on their journeys. She is the creator and founder of the T.R.I.B.E. Membership Program (The Real Insights of Bariatric Eating) which provides nutrition materials and resources, work outs, recipes, and more than 15+ live support groups every month. Jamie never wants anyone to feel alone in their struggles, which is exactly why she created the T.R.I.B.E. community.

Carla Parson, Group Instructor 

Carla Parson is a Full-time Healthcare Worker, Bariathlete, Group Fitness Instructor, and Mental Health Awareness Advocate. She enjoys teaching WLS patients how exercise plays an important role post-surgery, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well. As she continues to press toward her goals, Carla's desire is to assist others along the way. Her motto is: Be Resilient. Be Triumphant. Be Steadfast. Be Healthy.


Haley Lemieux, MS, RD, LDN, CPT

Haley is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer. You may know her as @theguacwarddietitian on Instagram! She has worked with bariatric patients for over 5 years. She is an avid runner, weight lifter and dog mom. She loves food and believes it should be enjoyed!


As a dietitian, her goal is to help her clients create a balanced and positive relationship with food as they navigate their new lifestyle! She supports both pre and post-op bariatric patients in reaching their goals. This journey looks different for everyone and it’s so important to her that she help's you find what works for you!

Megan Wolf, MS, RD, CDN


Megan Wolf is a New York City based Registered  Dietitian, bariatric expert, cookbook author and mother. She is the voice behind @womens.bariatric.nutrition which is home to everything bariatric surgery for women on Instagram.

Monica Bashaw, MScA, PDt/RD

Monica is one of the co-founders of Bariatric Surgery Nutrition. She has extensive experience working with bariatric patients. She worked at the Montréal General Hospital’s bariatric clinic for 3 years before joining the team at Weight Loss Surgery Inc / Chirurgie Perte de Poids Inc. (a private surgical bariatric clinic in Montréal) where she has worked for going on 7 years.

Julie Vandal, RDN

Julie Vandal is a Registered Dietitian and a bariatric patient on her own weight loss journey. She worked in public health in a local foodbank for many years and then transitioned into childhood obesity prevention and then to the treatment of childhood obesity for the last 15 years at her local children's hospital. She helps prepare teens and young adults for bariatric surgery. Julie is a T.R.I.B.E Leader with the Sleeved Dietitian and loves working with people in the bariatric community to change their lives with this amazing tool.


Samantha Gollup, MS, RDN

Samantha Gollup is a Registered Dietitian from Madison, Wisconsin. She has been working at an ASMBS Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery for the last 7 years. As the lead dietitian, she has been in charge of the development of the pre-operative surgical program. Along with Health Psychologists and a number of other advanced practitioners, she has learned so much about the complexity of being a person and patient in a larger body who is seeking bariatric surgery and all of the ever-changing aspects of life after bariatric surgery. She believes that all patients seeking surgery should go through a comprehensive program that gets them to a point where they are making healthy lifestyle changes and improving their relationship with food and body before they are cleared for surgery. She has witnessed so much growth from her patients over the last 7 years and feels that bariatric surgery can be a tool that helps patients get a new lease on life.  She also has a private practice where she coaches clients on intuitive eating and body acceptance, which has become her passion that came out of her career in bariatrics and becoming a mother. When Sammie isn't working, she's spending time outside with her two kiddos, dogs and chickens, she loves moving her body, self care, eating delicious food with her friends and family, and traveling. 

Kate Fuss, PA-C, MMS, CSOWM

Kate Fuss, PA-C is a Surgical Residency trained Physician Assistant from Yale / Norwalk hospitals in Connecticut. She obtained her Masters of Medical Science at Wake Forest School of Medicine in NC.

 Kate has over 9 years of clinical and operative experience in Bariatrics and Plastic & Reconstructive surgery. She is additionally Board Certified as a Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management.

Her passion lies in serving weight loss surgery patients throughout their entire operative journey. She is founder of Banana Bariatrics, LLC; a concierge membership support group for bariatric patients. Kate believes that patient success lies in strong support, connection, and education.

She carries a special interest in bariatric patients struggling with post-operative weight regain through her “Back On Track” weight loss program. 

Career aside, Kate is a mom to a little girl and enjoys traveling the world with her family to experience new cultures and cuisines.


Dawn Boxell, RDN, LDN

Dawn Boxell is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has been in the field of bariatrics for over 25 years.  She started her career in one of the very first bariatric centers in the Midwest. 


Dawn was able to gain tremendous insight into the root cause of common symptoms suffered by many weight loss surgery patients including low energy, digestive issues, gut imbalances, hormone dysregulation and regain.


These experiences coupled with Dawn’s passion to help weight loss surgery patients live their best life propelled Dawn to start her own company, Gastric Health. 


Gastric Health is dedicated to helping gastric bypass and gastric sleeve patients get healthy and achieve their weight loss goals. We use a whole body approach.  Combining decades of bariatric patient experience with the power of whole real foods and quality supplements. Our focus is to optimize metabolism by improving gut health, digestion and hormones. 

Kathryn Beirnes, Bariatric Patient and Meal Prepper

Kathryn Beirnes is a bariatric patient who is passionate about meal prepping. She is a teacher  and meal prepping helps her stay on track with her health goals. She frequently shares her weekly meal preps with her audience on Instagram and TikTok and has inspired others to follow in her footsteps. She is an inspiration to many within the bariatric community and you can find her at  

Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW

Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker and qualified supervisor in the state of Florida, working as a therapist for over 12 years. Ashlyn has been working with bariatric clients for the past 7 years in her private practice, Advance Bariatric Counseling, just outside of Orlando, FL. Ashlyn is passionate about helping clients prepare for and adjust to bariatric life. She herself is a bariatric patient, celebrating 10 years post off this past June (2022), been through some ups and downs but has found herself in a place where less than 5% of bariatric patients will find themselves, she has kept off 100% of her excess weight at a 10-year follow-up. She is also an aspiring social media false information demystifier- as there is a lot of bad information out there on what bariatric is, and what it is not. She is a member of the ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery), which helps her stay up to date with research and knowledge, as this field is constantly changing and evolving in ways she couldn’t have even imagined 5 years ago. She has been working with ASMBS to ensure that mental health providers have a place at the table through advocacy and involvement. 


"What a supportive community! Well worth the investment! I learned something valuable from every presentation."

- Happy Attendee from 2021

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